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Another 6 days photos hunting outing, we have good weather for few days. difficult hike for some to the Ijen for blue fire and sunrise but glad all make it to peak . 28 Aug - noon arrival so we decide stay in town and shoot sunset nearby... Read More
September 5, 2016liewwk
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A 12 days liewwk Nature Photohunters to Sichuan, Qinghai – CHINA … we mostly passing by and surrounding with glass land , and out main targets are Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake … both locate Qinghai Province . Lets start ... Read More
August 6, 2016liewwk
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am finally available to go out shoot a bit and go back to my favor spot for Milky Way for west coast Peninsular Malaysia .   - one of my plan picture with Kelong light ON to attract fish/prawns to go into the net - another special light (stars .. milky ... Read More
July 4, 2016liewwk
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After 2016 May Bali Photohunters Outing, I decided make quick trip for East Java for Birding and Ijen. Here, let me share some experience for the Ijen "Blue Fire" the hike is ~3km to the top of the mountain , and you will be welcome with view of... Read More
May 19, 2016liewwk
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2015 , we finally make another Photohunter trip to Sichuan, CHINA ...we travel ~2200km , 12 days , 4600meter from sea level , cold ... fun ... and we finally make it completed and now let's share some pictures here... Read More
October 27, 2015liewwk
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again we visit Bali, Indonesia for 5days4nights for landscape hunting ... we have many fun and incident happen during the trip.(food poison, sick, long walk, steep staircase....)   we have total 11 participants and hope everyone enjoy the Photohunting outing... Read More
August 17, 2015liewwk


another landscape outing but this time plan by my gang ... a beautiful country with different beautiful views ... but this round we just concentrate on a Paddy field .   and soon this place will be full with landscape photographers :D I will be slowly update more pictures and info ... update 2015 ... Read More
July 19, 2015liewwk
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Glad that we make another great and happy outing to East Java ... thanks everyone that in the outing and hope everyone enjoy and learn something from everyone in the outing ... we spend 50% time at Papuma beach and the remaining @Mount Bromo ... I will slowly update pictures captured from ... Read More
May 21, 2015liewwk
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another Bali outing arrange by me .. name under photohunter : Bali, Indonesia for the 6d5n , we travel the island as below show 1. Jatiluwih - out first stop for the beautiful of the Paddy Terrace - the Night sky is our main target for the Milky way, stary sky update 2014 Oct 8 - ... Read More
August 7, 2014liewwk


a beautiful fishing village which is good for landscape and birding ... update 2014 Jun 10 update 2014 Jun 9 - beautiful dawn reflection   ######################### related posts Perak 霹雳 | liewwk Lee Filters And Singh-Ray filtes for sale
June 9, 2014liewwk