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I am working on 2 pano MACRO shot ... and think this is quite important especially for MP-E65 user.. so just have a quick copy and paste over Why I need to Stitch ? I start stitch my macro due to I have my MPE where only do minimum 1:1 (1x life ... Read More
January 24, 2011liewwk


I am migrating most of my sharing from previous blogspot to here .... at the same time also update some of my update ...... for how I shoot MACRO, I didn;t change much except lighting, diffuser (which I do ... Read More
January 19, 2011liewwk


don;t think this is rare but 1st time seeing it, found this after few hours waiting for the Owl Frog (going to share this later) ... just beforeĀ  I step up to my car found this spider on my tripod , can;t recognized it as spider for start but after ... Read More
January 17, 2011liewwk