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too busy to share all reports, am trying to catch up all pending one .. last assignment was Malaysian Rail-Babbler @South Peninsular Malaysia for 3 days with a England birder with 6000++ bird count and another USA birder .. both of them are really good birder , they are really fast in our tropical forest . no much picture to be share due to I am injured .. so no camera with me most of the time ...   Day 1 - Panti We were lucky have a view of the Rail-Babbler for few second , but it is not a good day for 2nd ... Read More
November 10, 2017liewwk
Collared Babbler
We had Japan guests for some target in Peninsular Malaysia . Day 1 - Kuala Lumpur We mainly at center of Kuala Lumpur before heading Kuala Selangor for next day Mangrove targets . we quickly start a day with Barred Eagle-Owl, with very small window but still we got it clear view .. very soon , another cute bird approaching ... black and yellow Broadbill after here , we quickly move to another nearby forest .. here we quickly tick Rufous-backed Kingfisher... Read More
June 21, 2017liewwk
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with Australia guests , this report only cover up to Kinabatangan river . for day 1 arrive Danum Valley , arrived Borneo Rainforest Lodge late evening. so we do not have much activity for today . we join the night drive, managed to see Colugo , flying squirrel and Sambar deer . Day 2 , we start our morning walk nearby lodge area .. Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker is the first endemic tick ... very soon with Dusky Munia follow by both White-crowned Forktail & Chestnut-naped Forktail. Very soon , 4 Bornean Bristlehead spotted far but good and long view with scope so a big ... Read More
June 11, 2017liewwk
We had 4 Beijing, China guests for this customize bird photography tour. On the arrival pick up, seem like each of everyone has different target ... but all have common interest on raptor and owl ... than immediate fine tune the location again to try to cover most the possible owls We are lucky enough to have most the plan targets picture except a missed on Silver Breasted Broadbill .. missed the good chance while looking for another target :( almost can conclude this is a owl tour where we search for owls almost every night and day time :D , guests ... Read More
March 16, 2017liewwk
We start 2017 with previous 2 short bird watching tours which with very limited target  . follow by this 14 days tour from Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor-Fraser Hill-Bukit Tinggi-KRAU forest-Taman Negara. Quite a lot of miss due to raining almost every evening especially Bukit Tinggi-KRAU-Taman Negara (think mostly we lost 3-5 days due to rain L)   with 2 Switzerland guests , we have very good start from Kuala Lumpur, got few very special target hit and we got first pitta (hooded pitta) and Frogmouth for guests. A lucky day where rain stop ~830pm and we reach there 845pm and got the ... Read More
March 9, 2017liewwk
Giant Pitta from liewwk
We had USA guests spend 9 days in Borneo from KNP, RDC, Sukau to Danum Valley ... good trip, we managed to records ~250 birds and some highlights 1. Giant Pitta for few rounds 2. Bornean bristlehead 3. all Borneo Hornbills 4. Whitehead broadbills 5. Whitehead Spiderhunter 6. Large Frogmouth 7. Black Headed Pitta 8. Bornean Wren-Babbler 9. Bornean Banded Kingfisher 10. Black-throat Wren-Babbler etc we have tired walking and river cruise day and light .... lets start sharing some pictures that I managed to capture . (will be slowly update here due to tired to run through all the pictures ) update 2016 Oct 11 Whitehead's Broadbill, 綠懷特黑氏寬闊嘴 - another endemic for ... Read More
September 16, 2016liewwk
both of me and Ahli were busy for whole Aug - Sept and finally have time sharing some highlights for this month 2016 Sept ... with mixture of bird watching and photography guests we got some chance to record or request picture share by our guests - happy to see few new chicks feeding by adult which mean we have more new generation of these birds :D Yellow Bellied Bulbul - black-throated babbler - Malayan Banded Pitta , Juvi female... Read More
September 9, 2016liewwk
IMG_5713 fb
another very lucky USA guest managed to have both rare Wren-Babbler for open ... this year almost 90% of the bird watching tour have the Marble Wren-Babbler but mostly not full open view ... and also the Large Wren-Babbler for those visit the right spot ... for this tour, it is right time and place so we got full open shots for both difficult and rare Wren-Babbler 1. Marble Wren-Babbler,石纹鹪鹛, Turdinus marmorata 2. large wren-babbler ,大鹪鹛, Napothera macrodactyla   ... Read More
July 9, 2016liewwk
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4 days tour Photography tour with China guests , from 2nd forest , mangrove to sub-montane . We managed to photograph 50 species and I managed to have few capture too with handheld ... Read More
July 1, 2016liewwk
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We have a day trip for Photography from USA .... this time, guest pick Fraser Hill for the day tour ... we leave KL 515am and arrive Fraser Hill ~730am ... and arrived back KL by ~8pm We begin with Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush, Malayan Laughingthrush, Oriental Magpie-Robin and one of the main target : Malayan Hill Partridge  ... very soon we have capture all with extra Large Niltava Greater Yellownape Red-headed Trogon ........ follow by lovely Red-headed Trogon, Fire-tufted Barbet, Silver-breasted Broadbill and Sultan tit .... all allow guest capture picture within 20feet ...... Read More
June 26, 2016liewwk