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Giant Pitta from liewwk


We had USA guests spend 9 days in Borneo from KNP, RDC, Sukau to Danum Valley ... good trip, we managed to records ~250 birds and some highlights 1. Giant Pitta for few rounds 2. Bornean bristlehead 3. all Borneo Hornbills 4. Whitehead broadbills 5. Whitehead Spiderhunter 6. Large Frogmouth 7. Black Headed Pitta 8. Bornean ... Read More
September 16, 2016liewwk


both of me and Ahli were busy for whole Aug - Sept and finally have time sharing some highlights for this month 2016 Sept ... with mixture of bird watching and photography guests we got some chance to record or request picture share by our guests - happy to see few ... Read More
September 9, 2016liewwk
_A7A1449 fb


A 12 days liewwk Nature Photohunters to Sichuan, Qinghai – CHINA … we mostly passing by and surrounding with glass land , and out main targets are Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake … both locate Qinghai Province . Lets start ... Read More
August 6, 2016liewwk
_T159978 fb


We have a day trip for Photography from USA .... this time, guest pick Fraser Hill for the day tour ... we leave KL 515am and arrive Fraser Hill ~730am ... and arrived back KL by ~8pm We begin with Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush, Malayan Laughingthrush, Oriental Magpie-Robin and one of the main target : ... Read More
June 26, 2016liewwk
_MG_8761 b & w fb


  sometime , we complaint we need darker ... when ??? why ??? in the noon, under bright sun exposure what if we need more stop down ? and we can have option combine more ND filters e.g. 10 stops and ... Read More
June 2, 2016liewwk
_T152608 fb


We have day trip due to full schedule , original plan was going Fraser Hill but on the way.. it is tree fall down which block our way up and we make quick decision travel back to KRAU forest and may be quick one for Genting Highlands ... we have ... Read More
May 25, 2016liewwk
_50C9883 fb


After 2016 May Bali Photohunters Outing, I decided make quick trip for East Java for Birding and Ijen. Here, let me share some experience for the Ijen "Blue Fire" the hike is ~3km to the top of the mountain , and you will be welcome with view of... Read More
May 19, 2016liewwk
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finally back from another Photohunters outing 2016 May, Bali, Indonesia .. we travel mostly center of Bali ... and Skip the west path from the map as it is my own extension travel ... we had 13 of us , shooting non stop from ... Read More
May 17, 2016liewwk
Olympus300mmF4 fb


Birding with Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm f4.0 PRO Lens | liewwk   I am lucky to have this len with me for 2 days testing ... I brought this len to various locations for real world testing ... from bright, dark, lowland, montane etc .. with the small sensor size, ... Read More
April 27, 2016liewwk
Photo 26-04-2016, 8 15 47 PM


finally we have the adapter for Haida 150mm holder system     so with the previous available solution , lets update the list :D now we have tested both Lee Filter SW150 series and HAIDA 150mm filter series ... Read More
April 27, 2016liewwk