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_A7A0906 fb


Another 6 days photos hunting outing, we have good weather for few days. difficult hike for some to the Ijen for blue fire and sunrise but glad all make it to peak . 28 Aug - noon arrival so we decide stay in town and shoot sunset nearby... Read More
September 5, 2016liewwk
Wren-Babbler fb


Wren-Babbler just another similar to Babbler ... it jump, fly , move fast and non stop ... and most of them shy enough to come out open for photo 鹪鹛,一种幽鹛科, 鹪鹛属 总是跳不停,动作快。   1. Marble Wren-Babbler,石纹鹪鹛, Turdinus marmorata - a sub-montane bird which big in size .. shy and move fast update 2016 Jul 10... Read More
July 10, 2016liewwk
with RGND 2 stops and ND 10 stops


after long rest for Landscape photography, went for another quick long exposure, sunset and Milky Way shooting at Batu Pahat ...  and here few simple sample - all picture use AV mode meter at same position - just contrast , saturation add to each picture 1.without any filter - obviously the top-right over expose ... Read More
July 7, 2016liewwk
_50C0546 fb


am finally available to go out shoot a bit and go back to my favor spot for Milky Way for west coast Peninsular Malaysia .   - one of my plan picture with Kelong light ON to attract fish/prawns to go into the net - another special light (stars .. milky ... Read More
July 4, 2016liewwk
_T159978 fb


We have a day trip for Photography from USA .... this time, guest pick Fraser Hill for the day tour ... we leave KL 515am and arrive Fraser Hill ~730am ... and arrived back KL by ~8pm We begin with Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush, Malayan Laughingthrush, Oriental Magpie-Robin and one of the main target : ... Read More
June 26, 2016liewwk
_MG_8761 b & w fb


  sometime , we complaint we need darker ... when ??? why ??? in the noon, under bright sun exposure what if we need more stop down ? and we can have option combine more ND filters e.g. 10 stops and ... Read More
June 2, 2016liewwk
_T152608 fb


We have day trip due to full schedule , original plan was going Fraser Hill but on the way.. it is tree fall down which block our way up and we make quick decision travel back to KRAU forest and may be quick one for Genting Highlands ... we have ... Read More
May 25, 2016liewwk
Olympus300mmF4 fb


Birding with Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm f4.0 PRO Lens | liewwk   I am lucky to have this len with me for 2 days testing ... I brought this len to various locations for real world testing ... from bright, dark, lowland, montane etc .. with the small sensor size, ... Read More
April 27, 2016liewwk
_T150188 fb


we "endemlaiscguides.com" having Belgium guest for target birds watching, from Kuala Lumpur - KRAU forest - Bukit Tinggi - Fraser Hill - Kuala Lumpur for the 5 days 4 nights birds watching , from secondary forest to highland back to botanical Garden ... we only concentrate on guest targets birds ... Read More
February 27, 2016liewwk



B+W UV Pro

UV-Pro is a unit with deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode (DUV-LED), which emits rays with wavelength shorter than 300nm (UVC). UVC protects cameras and lenses from going moudly by killing bacteria on the coating, destroying their DNA & RNA, thus permanently halting the reproduction. this is good especially for outdoor photographer always ... Read More
September 15, 2015liewwk